Monday, November 18, 2013

Behavior Management

Oh wow, it's been SO long since I've posted!  I started a new job as a kindergarten SPED para and I have basically just gone to practicum, work, home, then sleep!  I am two weeks into this new job and I absolutely love it.  It's exhausting and challenging beyond belief, but when a student has a really great behavior day it makes it all worth it!

So the school where I work uses ClassDojo.  The aim is to give points to students who are behaving well and/or on task.  There is a school-wide goal of, I want to say, 50,000 points.  When the school as a whole has a great week they get special rewards.  This Friday was hat day and it was so much fun to see the children wearing their hats.  They LOVED it!

An awesome thing about ClassDojo is that it's free!  You enter in your students' names and each student is given a little monster avatar.  You can have the page up all day so the students can see it.  When you see a student doing something good you can give them a Dojo point.  I like to think of it like House points in Harry Potter.  It is a really great positive reinforcer.

I do think I'll use ClassDojo even if the school where I work doesn't.  The class can set goals daily, weekly, monthly, etc. and have rewards when they hit their behavior goals!

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